'Star Wars: Episode VII' Projected For $615M+ Global Debut

Disney / Lucasfilm

Disney / Lucasfilm

If predictions are right, the force will awaken in a big way.

Disney / Lucasfilms' Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is predicted to gross over $615 million worldwide in its opening weekend, according to industry-wide projections cited in Deadline Hollywood.

That's a haul that will absolutely shatter previous records. The current record-holder for the largest opening weekend globally is Universal's Jurassic World.  The Chris Pratt-led dinosaur pic bowed to $524.4 million worldwide. It then crossed $1 billion in total box office receipts in just 13 days, which is the fastest a movie has ever reached that milestone.

The Force Awakens, if the numbers hold up, should easily dethrone Jurassic World for the top spot. Out of a possible $615 million debut, about $300 million would come domestically, and another $315 million from overseas. It could even cross the $1 billion mark in as little as a week.

The monstrous debut wouldn't just be indebted to the fact that Star Wars is a long-running blockbuster franchise, and that this next movie is highly anticipated. With a December 18 release date, The Force Awakens will see relatively little competition from Oscar-vying films that typically populate the winter season.

Watch the newest teaser trailer for The Force Awakens  below:

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