Warner Bros. Finds New Director for 'Wonder Woman'

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Not even two days after one director stepped away, another one has taken her place.

Patty Jenkins, a frequent TV director, was chosen by Warner Bros. to direct the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Warner Bros. moved exceptionally quickly in order to replace Michelle MacLaren, who cited "creative differences' as reasons for leaving the movie.

Although Jenkins has a breadth of experience directing for TV and film, she was originally in talks with Marvel to direct 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Eventually, frequent Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor was chosen to helm the movie. Directing The Dark World would have made Jenkins the first female to direct a Marvel movie.

When MacLaren originally left Wonder Woman, many speculated that gender bias against women directing superhero movies was a reason for her departure.  By moving so quickly to replace MacLaren with Jenkins, Warner Bros. seems to deflect that negative perception.

Wonder Woman is set to bow sometime in 2017, and Gal Gadot will play the titular role.

The story was exclusively reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

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